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Associtation Belge L’Enfant Caché

The goals of the organization are: 1. To allow Jewish hidden children during WWII to reunite and express themselves; 2. To reconstitute their experiences in recounting the memories; 3. To express gratitude to the "Righteous among the Nations" who risked their own livesto save the children; 4. To fight against anti-Semitism and all forms of racism and xenophobia; 5. To fight against Holocaust denial, collect and publish testimonies; 5. To facilitate exchange of information among organization members and organize workshops to gather and reflect, public conferences (academic, etc.); 6. To organize cultural activities. The organization also has provided since 1995, a bilingual traveling exhibition for schools developing 4 themes: The Persecution, The Resistance, The Rescuers and the Rescued, The Hidden Children and Memory. Guarantee of child survivor to speak at each exhibition site.