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A friendship in Romania connected by the love of Judaism

As we celebrate another night of Hanukkah, here is another little miracle story brought to you by NOA: A friendship in Romania connected by the love of Judaism.

“In August 2018, a student from the Babes Boyle University in the city of Cluj, Madalina Miron, contacted us at the Tarbut Foundation in Sighet for some help. She was doing research for her graduation paper on the mystical traditions in the creation of the ‘Golem’ in Jewish culture.

I am always interested to learn how young adults in the post-communist era are interested in studying about Judaism. During our conversation, Madalina told me about how much she respects the Jewish people. She asked various questions about Judaism and about the menorah. I explained to her what it is and what the difference is between a menorah and a hanukkiah. Then she asked where she could get one. I decided to send her one on behalf of the Tarbut Foundation, as a gesture for her interest in Judaism.

A few years later, we are still in touch. Madalina updates me on her studies and the articles she has written. And every year, she continues to light the Hanukkah menorah that Tarbut gifted her.

Madalina Miron is one of Tarbut’s ambassadors for the Jewish people, who stands for Jews in times of darkness. Interestingly enough, Madalina’s last name, ‘Miron,’ sounds like a name with Jewish origins. In Romania, there are thousands of people who have lost track of their roots and family identity due to the upheavals of WWII and the communist era.

Light brings freedom, hope, understanding, clarity, joy, happiness. Most of all, it is a source of illumination.”

From Peninah Zilberman, Fundatia Tarbut Sighet, Cultura si Educatie Iudaica