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NOA grows and develops by connecting with local activists and thinkers, so we encourage everyone to get (and stay) involved in the various ways listed below.

You are interested in connecting projects and initiatives to NOA:

  • Is it a Jewish initiative helping wider society in a European country? Nominate them to be featured by NOA’s Profiles Campaign, where we highlight recent positive Jewish contributions to Europe!
  • Is it a European project or organization focusing on combating antisemitism? Submit their details to the NOA Compass, that maps European projects focusing on overcoming antisemitism!

You are interested in training opportunities and cultural events:

  • For the moment, NOA does not offer trainings, but we hope to be able to do it soon if funding allows.

You are interested in research and policy recommendations:

  • Find out more about the upcoming National Report Cards and the research behind it. The Report Cards aim to hold governments accountable and to support Member States to systematically implement a holistic strategy to address and prevent antisemitism.

You would like to donate to the project:

  • Sponsor an activity or contribute to the project via the PayPal ‘Donate’ button below using your credit card or your PayPal account!


 Please note that contributions made this way are not tax deductible.

You wish to support NOA fulfill its mission in other ways:

  • NOA is aiming high to create systemic change in Europe – and we need more partners to make it happen. To start a conversation about what we could do with further funding, send an email to