Depending on your area of interest or background there are so many ways to get (and stay) involved with and support NOA’s work across Europe.

The project grows and develops by connecting with local activists and thinkers, so we encourage everyone to get involved: Join us for an event, a training, help us find and promote innovative European initiatives to overcome antisemitism, support us, or just share a great idea to help NOA fulfill its mission.

If you are an educator, community professional, activist or member of a sport club:

  • Learn about our trainings, cultural events, and educational resources NOA is planning – various locations, online and offline!

If you know a project which demonstrates a positive Jewish contribution to Europe:

  • Nominate them to be featured by NOA’s Profiles Campaign, so good examples can be shared and multiplied!

If you wish to support NOA fulfill its mission:

  • NOA is aiming high; to create systemic change in Europe – and we need more partners to make it happen. To start a conversation about what we could do with further funding, email us!

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