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Jewish Communities Providing Humanitarian Aid to Refugees from Ukraine: Hungary

Jewish communities bordering Ukraine have stepped up to help the refugees entering their countries. Their actions speak directly to the Jewish mitzvah of ‘Tikkun Olam’ – repairing the world.

In Budapest, over 50 Jewish NGOs formed a crisis team to coordinate their efforts for refugees, among them Mazsihisz, the JDC, JAFI, JCC Budapest, and the World Jewish Congress. As of March 8th, an estimated 180,000 people have come to Hungary from Ukraine, according to Hungarian border police.

When the refugee influx began, Mazsihisz met them at the border, providing assistance with accommodation, meals, medical supplies, transportation. They’ve launched a large-scale fundraising campaign to help Ukrainians Jews, while Jewish NGOs have also established a crisis hotline. “Beyond sympathy we also want to take action,” JCC Budapest wrote on Facebook. “We [will] provide assistance to refugees from Ukraine regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliation.”

Now with the crisis team in coordination, Jewish groups will have information points at the two main train stations in Budapest where refugees are arriving. They also have an information point at the Záhony border crossing, which is the main crossing between Hungary and Ukraine, with buses to bring refugees to Budapest, in addition to another four information points at other border points. JCC Budapest is also setting up a website connecting organizations and individuals that give help with those who are seeking help.

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