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Action Weeks Against Antisemitism

Since 2003, the Action Weeks Against Antisemitism, organised by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation have been taking place throughout Germany. Since 2016 in cooperation with the Anne Frank Centre in Berlin. In the meantime, the Action Weeks have become firmly established by continiously supporting local initiatives.
As the largest social association, the Action Weeks Against Antisemitism counteract the fatigue of politics and civil society. To this end, they rely on innovative tools and concepts for prevention and offer the right formats to alleviate antisemitic resentment: Training courses, information campaigns, handouts, events and the most effective of all means – encounters.
The Action Weeks cooperate with associations of all formats and sizes. From small youth initiatives, to well-known museums as well as memorial and other political and civil society institutions. Cooperation with the Jewish community is one of the most important focal points here. The Action Weeks create spaces for Jewish perspectives and to build bridges to the majority society. Only in this way can the urgently needed solidarity with victims of antisemitic violence reach a broad public.