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Alliance for Traditional and Modern Judaism (AJTM)

Constituted around Rabbi Gabriel FARHI in 2007, the AJTM – Alliance for Traditional and Modern Judaism – resolutely wanted to respect Jewish tradition while integrating naturally into French and European society of the 21st century. The name of our community reflects this desire to combine Tradition and Modernity.

In this perspective, the AJTM is one of the liberal Jewish communities of Paris. It is affiliated with the WUPJ (World Union of Liberal Judaism) as well as the European Union of Liberal Judaism. The AJTM conforms to the practices in force within liberal Judaism, in particular respect for equality between men and women in the study and practice of worship, confirmation before their bar-bath mitzvah (religious majority) of children born of a Jewish father and raised in Judaism, the acceptance of sincere conversions after a cycle of serious studies and closed by an examination before a Beth-Din (Rabbinical Court), the acceptance of music during services, the triennial reading of the Torah…