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Alma-Exploring the Soul of Andalusia

Alma is a window into the rich diversity of the culture, identity and history of Andalusia. Andalusia, melting pot of cultures, home of Iberians, Tartessians, Phoenicians, Jews, Arabs, Berbers, Christians, is the meeting place between the East and the West.

Through its tours, experiences, and educational and cultural activities, Alma offers both visitors and locals the opportunity to discover and experience the legacy left to us by our ancestors.

The architecture, foodways, , literature, spirituality and folklore of Andalusia are the fruits of the dialogue and encounter of very diverse cultures and civilizations, which lived together for centuries in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

We believe that a deep immersion into Andalusia’s history through cultural tourism and education will help us better understand the diverse cultural roots of the West. It will also facilitate encounter and dialogue in a plural society that wishes more than ever to live in peace.