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Office for Multicultural Affairs

The AmkA stands for the conviction that social cohesion is a public mandate, on a par with other state tasks. As an independent office, it also stands for the conviction that this mandate must be highlighted and visible – and must not be lost in the catalog of responsibilities of a larger organization.

Since it was founded in 1989, the AmkA has raised many pressing questions of equality and participation. Through hearings, studies and his committed public relations work, he has succeeded in initiating many social projects in Frankfurt.

Since 2019 the office has been located in stadtRAUMfrankfurt, the new intercultural competence center near the Galluswarte. On eight floors, the house offers new possibilities and spaces for meetings, encounters, workshops, discussions, information markets and much more. StadtRAUMfrankfurt carries on the Frankfurt tradition of town houses and educational associations in the everyday life of our multicultural urban society.

In the stadtRAUMfrankfurt, AmkA.Info employees offer all Frankfurters orientation assistance and provide information and communication work.