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Antisemitism is Not an Opinion

In recent years, there is a growing interest in Jewish culture in Poland. In every major city every year there is at least one festival promoting this culture. Despite this, according to opinion polls, in Poland, anti-Semitic views are still a common phenomenon.

How can we define today’s anti-semitism? How to teach about the Jewish community without passing or reinforcing stereotypes about Jews? In 2014 The Czulent Jewish Association, together with Autonomia Foundation, implemented the project “Anti-semitism is not an opinion” which answers these questions.

As part of the project, we have prepared three textbooks targeted at people involved in anti-discrimination education at the level of academic and basic education – formal and informal:

  • Innovative and updated anti-discrimination manual, focusing on prevention of anti-Semitic attitudes. The manual included: analysis of the educational handbooks, educational aids, teachers’ programs, and educational/training materials for trainers; reports on the modern anti-Semitism in Poland as well as exemplary anti-discrimination activities.
  • Special manual for educators of pre-school and early-school teaching about the Jewish community.
  • Compiling, by artists, a special workbook for kids. Included exercises allow to learn about the Jewish community, in a way free from prejudices and in form attractive for the young. Workbook is going to be part of handbook for educators of pre-school and early-school teaching.