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Base Berlin

Base is the home of a Rabbinic family which serves as a home-base, a grounding point for students, young adults, and their friends. While each Base reflects the personality of the Rabbinic couple and embodies their vision for a vibrant Jewish community, every Base is committed to pluralism and is founded upon three core values: hospitality, learning, and service.

Base BRLN is in the heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg and is run by Rebecca Blady and Jeremy Borovitz.

Why would two American Jews choose to uproot their lives and relocate to Berlin, Germany in order to live in Jewish community?

As Base Berlin’s co-founders, we hold two core beliefs as vital to our work:

Judaism is not a series of events. Judaism is a covenant. It infiltrates every aspect of our lives, and as such, begins and ends in the home – one of life’s most intimate spaces. We invite the community into our home as a way of “pulling back the curtain” and demonstrating how your home, too, can be a space where your Judaism can flourish.

No two Jewish stories, families or heritages are precisely alike. We all have different narratives about how we came to live in Jewish community. And the fact that we’re all different doesn’t mean that we need to live out this identity alone. We welcome you to come as you are and bring your story – we want to support you in building the next generation of Jewish community the way you want to see it.

We’ve dreamed of making this happen for awhile. We share deep ties to Central and Eastern Europe – family stories, personal histories – and feel passionate about becoming a part of the thriving revival of Jewish life. We cannot wait to meet you.