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Beit Trójmiasto – Progressive Jewish Community of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot

A dynamic, creative Progressive Jewish community, with young membership and committed leadership, working to reclaim Poland’s Jewish past, as they engage in building its future. They believe that the experience of Polish Jews, their history of survival and renewal, are vital to the collective Jewish identity. Therefore, they have been working towards rebuilding of meaningful Jewish life in Poland, since 2009. In that time over 700 events that impacted thousands of people have been organized. They have established the first Progressive Jewish community in Southern Poland in the nearly seven-decade-long vacuum created by the Shoah and the Communist rule. They employ the first woman rabbi in Poland – Rabbi Tanya Segal. They organized the first post-war reform Bar and Bat Mitzvah and local conversions in Krakow.

Gatherings are organized several times a week – on Friday night, for welcoming Shabbat , on Saturday to study and continue celebrating. During the week – on lectures, educational sessions, and lessons. And also of course during Jewish holidays and various cultural and artistic events organized by the community (theatre performances, concerts, workshops, exhibitions etc.)  At Beit Kraków members are committed to bringing creativity, relevance, spiritual growth and a sense of community for Jews in contemporary Poland and see their activities as fully complementary in the landscape of Jewish organizations in Poland. They believe that the strong emphasis on stimulating cultural experiences underlines the unique approach of building the framework for Jewish renewal while inspiring the creation of modern Jewish culture in Poland.