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Berlin Independent Synagogue Congregation Bet Haskala (USB)

Since March 2014, Berlin hasa new liberal-progressive Jewish community

  • a community independent of the entrenched and outdated structures of the established Jewish community,
  • an egalitarian community that grants women and men equal rights and duties not only in everyday life but also in religious life,
  • a congregation that feels committed to Reform Judaism originating in Berlin and includes the national languages of the prayers present in the divine service in addition to the important Hebrew elements,
  • a congregation that is in the process of discussing traditional and modern forms of worship and thus developing a concept supported by all members,
  • a community that is open to all Jews regardless of their sexual orientation, regardless of whether they live as a married couple or in registered partnerships, regardless of whether they are single parents or singles, regardless of whether they have been living in Berlin for a long time or are new to the city.
  • a community that also offers all those who have a patrilineal or other Jewish background, as well as all non-Jewish spouses of our members, to participate regularly in community life within the framework of the family membership defined in the statutes,
  • a community that welcomes non-Jewish guests and wants to work with other religious groups to support peaceful and neighborly life in our city, in our country and in the world.