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Bet Hillel Roma-Jewish Progressive Community

As a Progressive Jewish congregation, Beth Hillel promotes equal participation in religious life for all our members, without discrimination regarding gender or sexual orientation.

We welcome mixed-married couples and their children into the community, while encouraging the non-Jewish partner to be supportive of the family’s Jewish identity.  We also offer a course for those interested in converting to Judaism.

Beth Hillel believes in the importance of inter-religious dialogue and supports the project entitled “Scriptural Reasoning,” which brings together people of different faith communities to discuss their sacred texts.

The community actively cooperates with other Progressive Jewish congregations in Italy, in Europe and throughout the world to strengthen the principles of religious pluralism. Together with the other Progressive Italian communities we advocate recognition by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI) with the hope that all Jewish communities in Italy will constitute one united Jewish family.

In the world of progressive Judaism, of which Beth Hillel Roma is a part, the imperative of Tikkun Olam – repairing the world, acting to pursue justice and social equity, effective solidarity with those, Jews and non-Jews, that they need material and moral support – is a fundamental element.

With the formation of the new Governing Council of our community, the community has given life to a renewed Commission committed to this endeavour.

As regards external commitments, the community maintains contact with Casa Africa, an association that assists African refugees in Rome. In this context, the community started a project to help them learn Italian, make a collection of blankets and warm clothes, especially for men.

With regard to the urgencies within our community, exacerbated by the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic that enormously complicate the possibility of meeting and interpersonal relationships, we considered it appropriate to activate a nucleus of solidarity and assistance. The members and associates who need help can contact a dedicated telephone to which we the community answers in turn, offering assistance for transport to the Synagogue, for telephone conversations, for help with internet connections, for the purchase and supply of medicines, food or other needs.