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Bnei Sefarad – Reform Jewish Community of Valencia

The synagogue website gives practical information.

The synagogue is located in a residential neighborhood of the city, within walking distance by bus, subway or taxi.

Bnei Sefarad is regularly holding an service on Friday evening, at 7:30 p.m., to welcome Shabbat, Shajarit on Shabbat morning, and the Jewish holidays are celebrated.

There is a library and materials with which to study and deepen the knowledge of Judaism. 

1st- Introduction courses and conversion to Judaism.

The courses for conversion to Judaism, guiur, are coordinated and supervised by the European Union for Progressive Judaism, in charge of the training of candidates for conversion. There is a commitment to the training of each of them in a personalized way.

2nd- Hebrew

Every Friday at 17: 30, there are Hebrew classes that are oriented from basic to intermediate level.

3rd- Children

During this year, training classes will be put in operation for the little ones, in order to teach them about Judaism.