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Emouna Belgium

Emouna is a training cycle created in 2016 at Sciences Po Paris and intended for ministers of worship in office and in training from different religious communities: priests, pastors, rabbis, imams and Buddhists.

The objective is to provide participants with a space for reflection, information and the acquisition of skills in the various themes of common interest (cf. program) during 15 training days, half of which take place at UCLouvain and half in different places emblematic of spirituality and civic engagement. Along the way, this program also helps to strengthen ties, mutual knowledge and promote interreligious dialogue.

Education is provided by academics, religious leaders and professionals from the public and private sectors. It focuses on learning about the political and institutional environment surrounding religious practices, learning about different religions and their intellectual and ritual traditions, and working on exercising responsibilities within a religious community.

What better way to help integration into society and fight radicalism? As one of the students who took this program said: “When we talk about religion, we think above all about what separates us. But there we saw everything that unites us ”