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The project was established in 2000 as a project office of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research (BMBWF) in Bregenz, Austria. Its creation reflected a growing awareness of the need to educate students and the wider public about the atrocities committed during the National Socialist regime and the Holocaust.

Initially, the project office focused on developing educational materials and resources to support teachers in effectively teaching this sensitive and complex topic. It aimed to provide educators with historical and methodological-didactic knowledge, enabling them to address National Socialism and the Holocaust in a meaningful and responsible way.

Over the years, ERINNERN:AT expanded its activities and gained recognition for its valuable contributions to Holocaust education in Austria. In 2009, it transformed into an association of the BMBWF, allowing for greater autonomy and increased capacity to carry out its mission. This transition solidified ERINNERN:AT’s status as a key player in promoting education and remembrance regarding National Socialism and the Holocaust.

In 2022, ERINNERN:AT became part of the OeAD (Austrian Agency for Education and Internationalization), taking on the responsibility for Holocaust education within the OeAD’s portfolio. This integration further strengthened the program’s capacity to provide comprehensive educational initiatives, teacher training, and resources on the history of National Socialism and the Holocaust.


ERINNERN:AT aims to promote education on National Socialism and the Holocaust by providing educators with historical knowledge, encouraging reflection on the significance of these events, and offering support and resources for effective teaching.


ERINNERN:AT undertakes various actions to achieve its aims in promoting education on National Socialism and the Holocaust. Some of these actions include:

  1. Organizing Teacher Training: ERINNERN:AT conducts regular teacher training sessions, seminars, workshops, and professional development programs. These events provide educators with the necessary knowledge, pedagogical approaches, and resources to effectively teach about National Socialism and the Holocaust.
  2. Developing Educational Materials: The program develops teaching materials, learning websites and educational resources specifically tailored to the topics of National Socialism and the Holocaust. These materials assist educators in designing engaging and informative lessons for their students.
  3. Facilitating Seminars and Workshops: ERINNERN:AT organizes seminars and workshops for educators, creating spaces for dialogue, exchange, and collaboration. These events allow educators to deepen their understanding, share best practices, and engage in critical discussions related to teaching about National Socialism and the Holocaust.
  4. Promoting Reflective Learning: ERINNERN:AT encourages reflection on the significance of National Socialism and the Holocaust for contemporary society. Through classroom activities, discussions, and engagement with primary and secondary sources, students are prompted to think critically and develop a nuanced understanding of these historical events.
  5. Collaborating on International Research Projects: ERINNERN:AT actively participates in international research collaborations and projects related to Holocaust education. By engaging in these partnerships, the program contributes to broader discussions and initiatives aimed at promoting Holocaust education globally.
  6. Providing Local Support: ERINNERN:AT operates through a decentralized network of coordinators who serve as local contacts in each Austrian federal state. These coordinators support educators by providing guidance, answering questions, and offering assistance in implementing effective teaching strategies.

Overall, ERINNERN:AT implements a range of actions such as teacher training, resource development, seminars, and collaborations to enhance education on National Socialism and the Holocaust and support educators in their teaching endeavours.