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“Ester” – Educational Graphic Novels about the Jewish pre-war Life, the Holocaust and its Consequences

“Ester” is a growing collection of educational graphic novels produced with aim to serve as teaching material. Its most important part is a series of dramatized stories based on true events, real people, historical documentation and testimonies, created with help of historians and other experts. The first series produced ed in 2016 focused on the victims of the German concentration camp Judenlager Semlin at Sajmište in Belgrade. Currently we are developing 5 new graphic novels about the pre-war life and culture in Novi Sad, Subotica, Zemun, Belgrade and the region of Srem, as well as the events during the Holocaust, and its everlasting consequences. The concept is developed by Terraforming, and financed through multiple projects with the support of various funding institutions: various EU programs such as Europe for Citizens Programme, and the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme, also: International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance IHRA, Visegrad Funds, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Austria, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, and others.