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CDEC Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center Foundation

The CDEC Foundation was officially established in 1986 with headquarters in Milan, to continue the work of the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center founded in Venice in 1955.

It is an independent research institute for the promotion and study of the events, culture and reality of Jews in Italy from the Emancipation to the present day, with particular reference to contemporary Italy and the Nazi-Fascist period. The CDEC Foundation is in fact recognized as the main institute in Italy for the history and documentation of the Shoah.
The fight against all forms of racism and anti-Semitism and the defense of civil rights are part of the mission of the CDEC Foundation.

It is engaged in dissemination and historical research activities. For this reason, it carries out an intense work for the training and updating of teachers and representatives of various areas of social reality: journalists, police forces, magistrates, tourist guides and cultural operators in general.

The CDEC Foundation works in a network and in collaboration with numerous and important cultural and social institutions, in Milan, in Italy and abroad. They also avail themselves of our consultancy: Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Education and Research, municipal and regional administrations, Italian and foreign universities.