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HaKoach Association

It is a young non-profit organization focused primarily on Jewish culture. HaKoach is Hebrew for “strength.” The name of the association was taken from the pre-war Jewish sports club.

Their main goals are: creating and promoting Jewish culture, education in the field of Jewish culture, traditions and customs, integration of the local community, as well as counteracting antisemitism, racism and xenophobia. We are fascinated by the history of Jewish Łódź.

The main core of our activities are culture and education. Our plans for the near future are: a social campaign around Jewish culture, guided tours, workshops, events and festivals.

Through our actions, we want to combine two worlds – religious and secular. We want to create an open and friendly place, focused on the exchange of ideas, creating culture and education. For now, we have bigger plans than resources, but we believe that we will grow and change the world together.

Our organization has seven members. Each of us has a different background. Among us are: an audiovisual artist, a musician, a project coordinator, two journalists, a psychotherapist and a DJ. We believe that this diversity will help us in dynamic and broad activities. The president of the association is Dawid Gurfinkiel – a young Jew, musician and educator, associated with the Łódź Jewish Community.