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House of Liberal Judaism in Toulouse

The House of Liberal Judaism is a liberal community that was formed in Toulouse around the desire to live a modern, friendly, welcoming and benevolent Judaism:

  • Welcoming for all those who wish to build a Jewish home in the respect of Jewish traditions and transmission to younger generations.
  • Convivial, in a synagogue where women and men attend services together.
  • Modern and forward-looking, leaving its true place to all (women have the opportunity to ascend to the Torah, in the same way as men) and where everyone can participate in the liturgical moments.

Benevolent towards the request for conversion or confirmation of Jewishness of those who wish to integrate with the people of Israel.

Denise Epstein Association

The Denise Epstein Cultural Association of the House of Liberal Judaism of Toulouse (MJL) is a cultural association that was created to promote and make known both the immense cultural heritage carried by Jewish thought in the history of men, and to be a relay with the public in the discovery of the modernity of this contemporary thought, always in motion (Philosophy, Literature, Cinema, Music, Visual Arts, Dance) which from the book, opens up to the world and develops with the world, to question it and try to think about it.

Talmud Torah

The Talmud Torah welcomes all children from 8 years old who want to prepare their Bat/Bar Mitzvah, discover or deepen their knowledge of Jewish life, holidays, ancient and contemporary Jewish history. Learning Hebrew begins in the first year so that the child can quickly follow Shabbat and holiday services. Young Bnei Mitzvah or Madrihim participate in the supervision under the direction of the teachers. Ideally the preparation for the Bat/Bar Mitzvah is done over a period of 3 years.


The Gan welcomes all children from 3 to 7 years old. Fun activities based on the discovery of Jewish holidays and traditions are offered. The children will take home different objects made every Sunday.