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Jewish Community of Warsaw

The Jewish Community of Warsaw, with a branch in Lublin, is one of seven organizations forming the Union of Jewish Communities in Poland. The Jewish Community of Warsaw continues the tradition of the pre-war Jewish Communities, therefore fulfiling the mission of self-government. Presently the Community has about 700 members and their number is constantly growing.

The Community also serves as an organizer of events for the local Jewish population which aims at creating a wide range of social, educational and cultural activities, and Jewish Heritage.

Jewish heritage:

The most precious Jewish monuments in Warsaw, such as the Nożyk Synagogue or the Okopowa Street Jewish, still serve the local Jewish community, but many of the material traces of this Europe’s largest Diaspora have been obliterated.

It is in concert with the Rabbinical Commission for Jewish Cemeteries that the Jewish Community of Warsaw exercises the religious stewardship over the 79 cemeteries located within its administrative boundaries.