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Jewish Liberal Community of Geneva – GIL

Activities :

  • Cultural : The Liberal Jewish Community of Geneva offers multiple cultural activities centered on Jewish identity. GIL Mondays alternate lectures, film screenings, traditional cooking classes and demonstrations around religious holidays. The cultural committee also proposes concert and theater outings as well as visits to exhibitions, always on themes related to the Jewish religion.
  • Hebrew classes : Hebrew classes for youth or adults.
  • GIL Cooking : receipes shared by members of the community.
  • Bridge : bridge tournaments every Friday afternoon, a weekly tournament on RealBridge on Tuesdays, and three tournaments on Funbridge.
  • Krav-Maga : Krav-Maga classes for members of GIL
  • Nashir : GIL choir reuniting every Wednesday evening at Beith-GIL (except during holidays). Very active, they regularly participates in GIL celebrations, as well as other events outside the synagogue.
  • Yahad – Social : Social and Mutual Aid Commission of the Liberal Israelite Community of Geneva. 079 828 79 71. This number allows GIL members, who feel the need, to have a correspondent who is available to listen to them.
  • GIL – English Speaking : English is your mother tongue, your preferred language or you would like a chance to practise your English and meet other English speaking GIL members? Here is the perfect opportunity ! There is a growing number of activities in English or bilingual English-French for the most part centered on themes of Jewish or Israeli culture. All activities, unless stated otherwise, take place at Beith GIL.
  • ABGs (Adolescents du Beith-GIL) : the ABGs is the group of youth between 13 and 17 years old. The ABGs allow young people to meet their friends from the Bné-Mitzvah and Talmud Torah classes and to make new ones, to participate in the life of the community, to do activities with Jewish themes and of course to laugh, eat and party together! The ABGs meet once a month for various activities: game nights, theater, movies, skiing, museums, trips… During the activities, the ABGs are supervised by young adults from the community. To be part of the ABGs, simply fill out the registration form to receive a letter of invitation for each meeting!