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Jewish Liberal Congregation (JLG) Or Chadash

Or Chadasch is the Jewish liberal community in the city of Zurich. It was founded in 1978 and recognized by the state in 2007. The basis of Or Chadash is the entire Jewish tradition as reflected in Torah and Halacha, combined with cosmopolitanism, tolerance and humanity. All Jews are welcomed into the community, regardless of their origin and marital status, and stand for the mutual acceptance of all Jewish tendencies.

The JLG Or Chadasch is actively involved in intra-Jewish and interreligious dialogue. It is a founding member of the Platform of Liberal Jews of Switzerland (PLJS) and, at the local level, a member of the Zurich Forum of Religions. The JLG participates in the “Interreligious Round Table of the Canton of Zurich”.


The JLG Or Chadash offers a diverse selection of cultural and religious Jewish events. Take the opportunity to educate yourself or simply relax, make acquaintances or attend church services.

The services can also be followed via live stream on the YouTube channel.


Luchot is a quarterly publication with various articles on Judaism and community life of the JLG Or Chadash. The subscription also includes the monthly newsletter of the congregation, with announcements of our events, service times and much more.

Subscription prices: Switzerland: CHF 75.- / Europe: CHF 90.- / Overseas 110.


  • Finances : The Finance Commission is responsible for all financial matters of the municipality.
  • Cemetery : Our community has its own cemetery. The cemetery commission is responsible for all areas related to burials.
  • Culture : The Cultural Commission of the JLG is committed to a diverse program on Jewish culture and Jewish learning.
    • “SERET. Cinema from the Jewish World” (a joint action of the cultural commissions of the ICZ and JLG) with six to eight film evenings per year, often with discussions and directorial encounters
    • “Together instead of lonely” as a regular meeting place for senior citizens
    • Coffee house Sundays, where one parishioner introduces himself in a relaxed atmosphere over coffee and cake
    • Choir Chadash, where old and young meet under expert musical direction to sing secular and religious songs together
    • Parasha BaBoker almost every Shabbat morning before the service
    • Lectures, readings, discussions, museum excursions and other cultural events
  • Cult : In close cooperation with the rabbinate, the Cultural Commission is responsible for the planning and implementation of all religious events.
    • Regular services
    • Jewish holidays in the course of the year
    • Cozy get-together with coffee and cake after the Shabbat morning services
    • Monthly worship especially for preschool children (Shabbat Simcha)
    • Organization and implementation of further religious events, partly together with other commissions
  • Members services : The member services are committed to a beautiful community life.
    • Contact person for members who want to integrate better in the community or actively participate
    • Implementation of the regulars’ table as a meeting place on one Shabbat evening per month
    • Organisation of hikes with the JLG Wandervögel
    • Responsibility for catering on special occasions such as community meetings
    • Organisation and implementation of various events, partly together with other commissions
  • School/Youth : Together with the Rabbinate and the School Secretariat, the School and Youth Commission is responsible for the religious school of the JLG and the youth activities.
    • Responsible for the organization and implementation of the religious school in six school classes and Gan every Thursday from 17.00 – 18.30
    • Co-responsibility for the content of the school material: appropriation of the Alef–Bet, introduction to Jewish-liberal tradition and history, principles of liberal Judaism, strengthening of Jewish identity, preparation for the bat / bar mitzvah
    • Organization and conduct of family worship, school Shabbat, learning Sunday, family hawdalah, Hanukkah crafts and others
    • Help organize the annual Machane Aviv for children in spring and the biennial bar/bat mitzvah trip or Israel trip for youth
  • Social affairs : The Social Commission looks after our senior citizens.
    • Telephone and personal contact with members at home or in retirement and nursing homes
    • Advice on social institutions and corresponding possibilities, including initial support, where necessary and desired
    • Visits to the sick and support of members in difficult life situations
    • Organisation of emergency assistance
    • Organization and implementation of the annual day trip
    • Meetings on different holidays
    • Organisation and implementation of various events, partly together with other commissions