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Jewish Museum of Belgium

Located in Brussels, in the Sablon district, the Jewish Museum of Belgium takes an innovative look at Jewish history and culture through exhibitions and activities geared towards sharing, discovery and accessibility to all audiences.

Resolutely anchored in the present, it is a lively, dynamic, multidisciplinary cultural and artistic place, led by a team that carries high the values ​​of openness with audacity and modernity whose objective is to promote knowledge and understanding of the history, religion and Jewish cultures.

Through its three main missions, which are the conservation of Belgium’s Jewish heritage, temporary exhibitions echoing current topics and educational activities for school audiences, the team is gradually building the face of the New Museum which will see the day by 2025.

While waiting for the start of work, visitors can discover, over two buildings and five floors, a selection of the permanent collection, and several temporary exhibitions. At the same time, the Museum organizes a plethora of activities such as conferences, concerts, workshops, literary evenings.