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Kehilat Kedem – Liberal Synagogue of Montpellier

Kehilat Kedem, a liberal Jewish synagogue in Montpellier, is young. It was born in December 2012, under the impetus of Claude Bismut and the active and unfailing support of Sophie /Deborah Bismut. KK’s mission is to bring people together and to bring Jewish tradition to life in today’s world, each in his or her own way, while respecting others.


  • Respect for the Living Tradition : Rigor and innovation in the interpretation of the texts makes us responsible for the vitality of our Tradition, inherited and passed on from generation to generation. The community finds its roots in nearly four millennia of Jewish tradition, constantly commented upon, while engaging in modern life and thought. To question and be questioned by texts and tradition is to renew an unfailing confidence in the eternal values of our texts through an attitude open to the evolutions of the modern world.
  • Equality between men and women : All, men and women, are placed on a level of strict equality in all aspects of Jewish life, both cultic and cultural, as well as in the leadership of the community.
  • Welcome and Inclusion : All Jews, or those who wish to become Jews, regardless of their level of practice and knowledge, who wish to live their Judaism, deepen it and pass it on. Absolute respect for personal choices. Each person is recognized for what he or she is, in his or her orientations, evolution, dynamics as well as in his or her history and practices. The recognition of the indispensable and irreplaceable uniqueness of each person contributes to the diversity of sensibilities that nourish liberal Judaism, which is always in motion.
  • Intra- and inter-religious dialogue : Intra- and inter-religious dialogue allows members to approach their liberal Jewish singularity while taking their responsibility in the construction of the universal. Human brotherhood, conceived as a community of destiny, is built through exchange, sharing and dialogue. The singular approach of liberal Judaism is accessible to all, Jews and non-Jews, children and adults.
  • Commitment to the city : Jewish ethics asks us to act, it summons us, it obliges us. It insists on personal commitment to promote social justice Tikkun Olam (“repairing the world”) which necessarily involves ethical behavior with others. The spirituality of Judaism is translated into a practice that transmits and bears witness to the vitality of the teachings of the Jewish tradition in today’s world: active positioning in the face of Racism and Antisemitism, defense of republican values, constant support for (French) secularism, remembrance of the Shoah.
  • Anchoring in Israel : The organization’s support and defense of the State of Israel’s right to exist and to security are unwavering.


  • Learning & Studies
    • Hebrew classes
      • Alef-Bet Classes (online)
      • Biblical Hebrew intermediate
    • Talmud Torah
    • Introduction to Judaism
    • The Circle of Dawns
    • Tenouah workshops
    • Study of the parasha in havrouta
    • Classes & conferences
  • Solidarity / Hessed : Since its creation, Kehilat Kedem has been a warm, dynamic and open community in which our members listen to each other, help each other and share the happy and difficult moments of their lives if they wish. This practice takes place in the small gestures as well as in the big ones, the actions of everyday life. It can be a matter of lodging, a visit to a sick, elderly or isolated person, a request for carpooling to attend a service or an event, or anything else.
  • Cultural activities
    • Courses & conferences
    • Reflexions
  • Book club
  • Shabbat dinners
  • Guiyour aperitifs : aperitifs organized for people who are going through or went through conversion, and people wanting to talk about it.