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Kreuzberg Initiative against Antisemitism – KIgA

Founded in 2003, the Kreuzberg Initiative against Antisemitism (KIgA e.V.), a registered non-profit organization, was one of the first German civil society initiatives to develop education-based methods for dealing with antisemitism in a multicultural German society. Since then, we develop models and materials for curricular and extra-curricular political education.

::Engaged and innovative::

We work with complex, sensitive, and contentious topics. Our focuses are on past and current forms of antisemitism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, anti-Muslim racism, Islamism, and historical-political education.

Education is to us more than just the transmission of knowledge; it is a complex and multifaceted process. While delving into familiar topics from unusual angles, we encourage participative learning processes and critical self-reflection.

Our work targets the contemporary German society, shaped, as it is, by immigration. Especially, we work with youngsters and young adults brought up in Muslim communities.

::Diverse and effective::

Our team is composed of people from a variety of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We train educators; plan and organize academic discussions; and offer consultations to politicians, political organizations, local municipalities, and the education sector.


Our work against discrimination and antisemitism was acknowledged several times. In 2006 we were nominated for “Active for Democracy and Tolerance” by the Association for Democracy and Tolerance; a success followed in 2008 by winning the “alex – Together against Right-wing Extremism” prize. Most recently, in 2012, the Central Council of Jews in Germany awarded us the “Paul Spiegel Prize for Civic Courage.”