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Liberal Jewish Congregation Utrecht

The Liberal Jewish Congregation Utrecht (LJGU) was founded on December 7, 1993. It is one of the Liberal Jewish Congregations of this country, and forms part of the National Society of Progressive Jews in the Netherlands. Since its foundation, the congregation has developed into a full-fledged group.

Since the end of 2004, it has its own synagogue in the former Jewish orphanage in Utrecht at its disposal. Every second week, services are held on Friday evening or Shabbat morning. There are also services at Jamim Towim.

There are lessons for infants and children, and education for bar- and bat-mitsva.

For adults there is a variety of courses.


Membership entitles you to access for all activities of our congregation. You will receive approx. once every fortnight our newsletter in Dutch, listing among other things all our activities. You also receive Levend Joods Geloof (Living Jewish Faith), a Dutch periodical of the National Board of Progressive Jewry.

Membership is restricted to those who are Jewish according to the Halacha. During an acquaintance period, you will be approached by the board member for religious affairs for a personal interview. Next, your application for membership will be reviewed by a rabbi, with whom you will also have a personal interview.