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Menorah – Jewish Community of Bremerhaven

The Menorah is a community of liberal progressive Jews in Bremerhaven. For its members, the 35 principles of liberal Judaism apply, as summarized by the Union of Progressive Jews. Menorah has been a member of the Unions of Progressive Jews of Germany since January 2021.

A Jewish library for Bremerhaven

The Menorah has a specialist library on the subject of “General Jewish Life”. In this book collection, between newly acquired and antiquarian copies, different focal points of the diverse and centuries-old Jewish culture can be found and exquisite: Jewish history, the Jewish religion (also in an interreligious context), modern Judaism, novels and biographical literature as well as scientific research results, e.g. on the subject of Antsemitism. Some copies are written in Russian, Yiddish or Hebrew. The development of this growing book collection began in 2018 from donations in kind and new acquisitions. The purpose of this collection of books is to provide access to this valuable information to an interested audience in this region. The library is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs as part of the program “Live Democracy!” and by Win, as well as by the Jugendamt Bremerhaven.

Borrow a Jew

Prevention project against Antisemitism

Commemoration of the Reichspogromnacht 2020

Examples of events organized :

  • Jewish self-empowerment (discussion)
  • Women and Religion, Women and Society” (online event, talking about common roots between Judaism, Islam and Christianity)
  • Does God have a gender? (online event)
  • “Jewish life in Germany: Tasks for Politics” (debate)
  • 45 minutes are not enough – Antisemitism in the context of education (panel discussion)