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Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community (PLJC)

  • The community is proud to be part of Liberal Judaism, with women and men taking equal roles in all aspects of the community. It is an inclusive community, and welcomes all Jews and non Jewish spouses, partners and children, and also welcome those who are interested to find out more about Judaism.
  • The Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community is part of the Liberal Jewish family. In the UK there are 10,000 members, consisting of 40 Communities across the country, which in 2009 constituted 1.8 million members of the World Union of Progressive Judaism; comprising of the largest Jewish grouping outside Israel.
  • The Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community was formed in 1991. Its dream is to continue to grow over the generations to establish a vibrant inclusive Peterborough Synagogue expressing the progressive values of Liberal Judaism.
  • One Shabbat service is held on every first Saturday of the month, with additional services for the main Festivals including Yom Kippur, as well as various social events.
  • Two causes supported this year :
  • The Foodbank provides support to needy families and individuals, and there has been a significant and shocking rise in referrals for support since the start of the pandemic (70% increase in referrals, and 180% increase in the number of people they have fed). In the past, we have supported them through donations of food and other items. This year we aim to make a financial donation which will enable them to purchase specific items that they require.
  • For the past few years we have supported the World Jewish Relief Disaster Relief Fund as part of our High Holy Day Appeal, and sadly, there is another pressing need for us to support this year. The recent catastrophic explosion in Beirut made an estimated 300,000 people homeless overnight, and thousands more have lost their jobs, businesses and their source of income. Hospitals, medical centres, schools, offices and houses have been destroyed. The blast also destroyed an estimated 120,000 metric tonnes of grain stocks leaving an estimated 4 weeks of staple food supplies in the country. All of this at a time when Lebanon was already facing an economic and Covid crisis.
  • World Jewish Relief is helping to provide immediate urgently needed support by supplying food, shelter materials, mattresses and blankets, cooking materials, kitchen sets, and hygiene kits.