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Project Dreyfus

Project Dreyfus is a non-profit association that fights against anti-Semitism, fundamentalism and all kinds of discrimination. Project Dreyfus observes and tells the events, the current events and the history of the Middle East to understand the ongoing conflicts, destined to change the balance in the world.

Our editorial staff disseminates information and material useful for the debate on culture, science, innovation, technology, tourism, politics and middle Eastern conflict on different channels and works for the development of initiatives shared with other realities of civil society on common objectives and values through:

-Production of articles and original material. Guest posts, infographics and video media on the main social channels

-Relaunching interesting content from the Italian press. We care about respect for ethics: no article is reported in full, we encourage the reading of the original source through links

-Translation of in-depth articles in the

-Creation of a network of relations with homologous realities to keep alive the link and exchange of information with Israel and the Jewish diasporainternational press

-Training aimed at disseminating the main techniques for navigating safely, consulting sources and assuming a useful behavior to the community; theoretical and technical preparation to attend debates, to intervene as experts on issues related to the Middle East conflict, legislation in force on BDS, denial, cyber-terrorism and effective web-journalism techniques

-The organization of thematic events, book presentations, sit-ins and events around current issues