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Zeraim project

Zeraim is a project of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities that was born within the Culture and Training Area.

Zeraim offers training courses and study materials to the main actors of Jewish education in Italy: teachers, educators, students, managers of educational programs in Jewish communities, but also parents and grandparents who primarily play the role of educators within the their families and their communities.

Zeraim offers Jewish culture programs, activities and paths aimed at all those who wish to increase their knowledge in the field.

Zeraim suggests ad hoc paths for different types of users and age groups, with particular attention to methodologies and new languages.

Zeraim is above all a place for meeting and exchange, virtual and real, which aims to promote research in the Jewish educational field through updated and innovative means of sharing and transmission. Thanks to its training courses and activities, Zeraim offers everyone the opportunity to experience the Jewish identity in its richness and complexity at different levels and in the first person.