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Progressive Jewish Congregation North Netherlands

It is a group of Jews who are religiously, socially, culturally and spiritually in full life, who have sought a Jewish environment after much of what used to bind them together had disappeared and the connection with Israel alone was not sufficient.

Standing in today’s world, with celebrations and teachers, with remembrance and remembrance, the Progressive Jewish Community of the Northern Netherlands wants to be the bridge between the past and the future, between young and old, between traditional and progressive, between Israeli and mixed married.

The PJG NN is a small enthusiastic Kehilla that is getting more and more solid ground under its feet.

In December 2005, the board signed a contract with the Vereniging Behoud Synagoge Zuidlaren to keep its services there as soon as the restoration of the Sjoel in Zuidlaren would be completed.

In December 2007 they moved from Heerenveen, where services were held since 2000, to Zuidlaren.

PJG NN Synagogue Services

Every three weeks the PJG Noord Nederland has a Saturday morning or Friday evening service. Also 1st day Rosh Hashana, Kol Nidre and Yom kippur there is a service.

For interested parties who do not have a Jewish background, there is an ‘Open Service’ 1 time a year, in the autumn. The rabbi then gives extra explanation about the service.

PJG NN other activities

Living room meetings

A few times a year Kille has living room meetings. Usually somewhere in Friesland. In the summer period thee is a havdala meeting, and, if possible, there are teachings during Shavuot and Tu Bishvat . If it does not work at home, the Shul in Zuidlaren is used. The Sukah of the Kehilla is in the garden of one of the members.

Hanukkah concert in a family atmosphere

Around Hanukkah, PJG NN invited three chazzaniem to give a Hanukkah concert in a family atmosphere. The first time was Saturday night, a shul with a sea of Choenaka lights and full of elated faces. The Chazanite Tanja Nab had invited two colleagues to sing a Hanukkah program with her. Eva Mogendorff and Tom Furstenberg pledged wholeheartedly. It was an evening that is worth repeating. All three followed the Chazzanoet course at the Levisson Institute.

Tour de Siddoer

Once a month the Chazzanite gave a Tour de Siddur for several years. In it she explained parts of the Siddur, told the backgrounds of the various melodies and their origins. Also new melodies were discussed.

Reading group

A number of members have set up a reading group. About once every two months they meet at one of their homes and discuss a book by a Jewish writer/star.

VBSZ activities

Activities of the Vereniging Behoud Synagoge Zuidlaren


In the autumn and spring, small ‘living room concerts’ are organized. In addition, there will be a ‘4 May lecture’ around 4 May.


In the summer months of July and August, the synagogue is used as an exhibition space. The cultural sector of the VBSZ invites artists to set up an exhibition of their work in the Synagogue. Once there is room for a different kind of exhibition about the Jewish world then and now in the region. In addition, guided tours are given.


The synagogue can be rented as a wedding location of the municipality of Tynaarlo.


Schools and other groups can take a guided tour of the Synagogue on request.