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Reach out Berlin : Opfeberatung und Bildung gegen Rechtesextremismus, Rassismus und Antisemitismus

ARIBA e.V. – Anti-racist intercultural educational work e.V is the sponsoring association of the ReachOut, OPRA, PowerMe and KOP projects.

The association was founded in 1992. The focus was initially on the development and implementation of offers for racism-critical educational work.

Advice for those affected by right-wing, racist and antisemitic attacks and monitoring became additional areas of work for the association with the start of the ReachOut project – victim counseling and education against right-wing extremism, racism and antisemitism. In addition to ReachOut, OPRA works – the psychological counseling for victims of right-wing, racist and antisemitic violence and PowerMe in the sponsorship of ARIBA e.V .

The association and its projects address people who are affected by racism, right-wing and antisemitic attacks, their relatives, as well as multipliers from the fields of adult, child and youth education, social work and education.

The association has set itself the goal of strengthening those affected in their ability to act, to sensitize those who are professionally and voluntarily committed to the subject areas and to develop options for action with them. The public is informed about the extent and consequences of right-wing, racist and antisemitic violence, threats and discrimination