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Riga Jewish Community

Riga Jewish Community, which is undoubtedly is the heart of Jewish life not only for the capital, but also for the whole country, is located in a historic building at 6 Skolas Street, which was initially constructed as the building for Jewish club. Its construction began in 1913 in accordance with the design created by famous architect Edmund Trompowsky, and was continued in the early 20s by Paul Mandelstam – one of the first Latvian architects of Jewish origin.

In the early 1990s, this historic building, which is an architectural monument protected by the state, was handed over for use to the Latvian Society for Jewish Culture (LSJC). Nowadays, the building hosts structural units of the Riga Jewish Community (RJC) – “Hesed” social service centre, “Jews in Latvia” museum, library and “Ariel” career development centre, as well as various Jewish organizations. It is also a place where creative teams conduct their rehearsals and hobby clubs hold their sittings. Members of the RJC gather at the community house to celebrate Jewish holidays, but concerts, performances, exhibitions and lectures can be attended by anyone. The building also hosts “7:40” cafe (entrance from Dzirnavu Street)