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The aim of the project is to train 20 coaches to counteract the exclusion of Muslim youths and prevent religious radicalisation. Once the 20 coaches have been certified, they will each train 10 youth experts and remain their contact partners for a period of two years. The youth experts should raise awareness about radicalisation, point out opportunities for participation and publicise youth welfare and counselling services. Possible places of deployment are schoolyards, mosque communities, youth association houses, youth centres, sports clubs and youth clubs. The resulting “snowball system” enables young people to reach their peers from their surroundings at eye level.

In the first year of the project, the following modules for the training and recruitment of coaches were developed: training to become trainers (Train the Trainer), leisure activities for young people, youth welfare services, fundamentals of de-escalation / anti-violence training, political education / strengthening democratic awareness, intercultural competence / backgrounds to religious radicalism and violence, role of Internet and Social Media, information on advice centres and de-radicalisation offers. In the following project years, the coaches are trained according to the developed modules, the acquisition of the young people and finally their training by the coaches. Regular evaluations and adaptations of the concept as well as network meetings of the participating cooperation partners take place.