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Sja’ar was founded in 1987 and has since published hundreds of books, including works by both Dutch and international authors. The publisher’s catalog includes a range of titles, from scholarly works on Jewish philosophy and theology to books on Jewish cooking, art, and music.

Sja’ar is an important publisher in the Dutch Jewish community, and its books have been widely read and celebrated. The publisher has also played an important role in preserving and promoting Jewish culture and knowledge in the Netherlands.


As a book publisher, Sja’ar’s initiatives against antisemitism are generally focused on promoting education and understanding about Jewish culture and history. Some examples of Sja’ar’s initiatives that relate to combating antisemitism include:

  1. Publication of books that educate readers about the history of antisemitism and the impact it has had on Jewish communities around the world.
  2. Organization of events, such as book launches and author talks, that provide a platform for discussions on issues related to antisemitism.
  3. Support for interfaith dialogue and cooperation between different religious and cultural groups, with a focus on promoting understanding and combating prejudice and discrimination.
  4. Collaboration with other organizations and initiatives aimed at promoting tolerance and combating antisemitism.

Overall, while Sja’ar’s initiatives against antisemitism are not as direct as those of other organizations, the publisher’s focus on education and understanding can play an important role in promoting greater awareness and tolerance, and in contributing to the fight against antisemitism.