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Slovak Jewish Heritage Route

The Route is a network linking the most important synagogue buildings in Slovakia. Some are active houses of worship, while others serve today as cultural venues. Several historic Jewish cemeteries are also included. Click on the map to learn more about Route sites in various regions in Slovakia.

The Slovak Jewish Heritage Center is a non-governmental and non-profit institute, established in the spring 2006 as a joint-project of the Bratislava Jewish Community and the Jewish Heritage Foundation – Menorah, in Bratislava. The latter is our legal representative.
The broad scope of our activities includes: research, documentation and site monitoring, education, promotion and consulting, which leads to the Jewish heritage preservation in Slovakia.

Our professional team works within a modern cost-effective project-oriented management structure allowing us to take a pro-active stand responding to the global needs of endangered Jewish heritage in our country. The Center is an apolitical professional unit engaged in the heritage preservation in Slovakia. We are open to cooperation with any organization or individual, from Slovakia or abroad, provided that Slovak Jewish heritage will benefit from this activity.

The Center researches Slovak Jewish Heritage, the synagogue architecture and other artifacts of the Jewish material culture in Slovakia. We processed the results of Synagoga Slovaca, the documentation project of the Slovak synagogue architecture. They are accessible to the general public via an online database at this site.

Aside to synagogue architecture, we document other built Jewish heritage, such as the former educational and other communal buildings, as well as cemetery chapels and selected cemeteries. We also return to the heritage sites that we previously documented and monitor their current situation.