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Stop Hate UK

Stop Hate UK is a leading anti-hate and discrimination organisation for corporate, statutory and community sectors. Today, we operate the UK’s only free dedicated 24-hour anti-Hate Crime reporting service for all monitored strands of  a person’s identity or perceived identity  (Disability, Race, Faith, Sexual orientation and Transgender identity, and beyond such as Age and Alternative subculture).

Our 24-hour helplines remain a core function of Stop Hate UK. On a daily basis, we talk to people who are directly affected by Hate Crimes. These conversations give us valuable insight into what people experience and how it makes them feel. 

Since then, our reporting services have expanded and we have widened our remit to support people affected by all forms of hate and discrimination. Today, we continue to deliver advocacy and support, as well as deliver highly impactful training, education, and development programmes and campaigns for social change.