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The Jewish Community in Denmark

The Jewish Community in Denmark is an officially recognized religious community with approximately 1,800 members. There is an estimated number of 6-7,000 Jews in Denmark of which most are living in Copenhagen and the immediate surroundings.

There has been a Jewish presence in Denmark for more than 400 years.  In 1814, the new Royal Decree was issued which gave Jews who were born in Denmark the same rights as other citizens of Denmark.

Today the Jewish Community contains Jews with many different opinions and ways to live a Jewish life. The community is in other words the framework of a broad cultural community for both religious and non-religious (secular) Jews.

The Jewish Community is governed by a council of 20 delegates elected by members of the community and a board of 7 Representatives elected by the council.

Social institutions include a home for the aged and a condominium with 38 self-contained apartments, and a Jewish day school from nursery-home through 9thgrade located in a suburban area of Copenhagen.

There is also a broad variety of organizations in the Jewish Community, many of them are branches of international Jewish organisations such as WIZO, The Zionist Federation, Keren Kayemet, Maccabi (Hakoah) and B’nei Akiva. They all contribute to a rich cultural life in the community.

The frame for religious life is the Great Synagoge in Krystalgade 12 which was built in 1833 in “oriental” style, and seats approximately 900 people.

The community- and cultural centre of the Jewish Community is located next to the Synagoge.

Reporting of anti-Semitic incidents and other inquiries to AKVAH. You can report anti-Semitic incidents to the Jewish Community in Denmark and AKVAH by sending an email to AKVAH@mosaiske.dk. Your review will be answered as soon as possible and treated with complete confidentiality. Other inquiries to AKVAH can also be sent to the above email.