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The Marek Edelman Dialogue Centre

The Dialogue Center is a modern institution that deals with the memory, history and identity of the city. Working with Polish and foreign artists, experts and scientists, using modern educational methods, auteur programmes and creative solutions, the Dialogue Center provides a dynamic and diverse cultural and educational programme addressed to both the Polish and foreign community, who are increasingly often visiting the institution and Łódź

From the very beginning, most of the projects we have implemented have had a very current context, bringing out the contemporary and multicultural character of Łódź, in accordance with the adopted principle: REMEMBER, UNDERSTAND, CREATE.

The decision to establish the Dialogue Center was made by the Lodz City Council in August, 2010. Two months later, it was named after Marek Edelman. The institution began operating at the beginning of 2011. For three years, the Dialogue Center functioned without a permanent seat. Only since 2014 has it been located in a new, specially designed building, located in the Survivors’ Park, in the vicinity of the place where there is the Monument to Poles Saving Jews during World War II, the obelisk of Żegota and the Memorial Mound with Jan Karski’s bench.

In accordance with its statutory assumptions, the Marek Edelman Dialogue Center in Łódź is an open, secular cultural institution, operating above political divisions, and its primary goal is to conduct educational and cultural activities, primarily concerning the popularization of the achievements of various cultures, promoting the multicultural and multi-ethnic heritage of Łódź, with particular emphasis on Jewish culture – which was emphasized in the statute – and to promote the idea of tolerance and counteract the manifestations of racism, xenophobia and disrespect for people of different worldviews, origins and cultures.