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The roots of tomorrow – Les racines de demain

Construire une société plus éclairée et
lutter contre le racisme & l’antisémitisme

It’s an association based in Lyon. The principal target is to deconstruct prjudice in order to fight against racism and Antisemitism. They work to improve the knowledge of others in the respect of secularism. Their numerous activities aim to promote civic engagement and good living together.

The common denominators to all the activities are :

  • Openness to the world
  • Respect of the republican base
  • The implementation of the republican values and the secularity
  • The meeting & the citizen dialogue
  • The fight against the prejudices

Are you interested in discovering and learning about other beliefs, traditions and cultural identities? Whether you are a teacher, an association or a professional, this association can help you fight against racism, prejudice and Antisemitism through their interventions. The goal is to build a plural and peaceful society in the respect of secular values in Lyon, in the Lyon region, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and beyond! They offer several formats: school interventions, visits to places of worship, themed conferences, training in dialogue and conflict management – interventions are adapted to your particular needs.

Discovering religions :

  • Scholar interventions
  • Themed conferences
  • Visits to places of worship
  • Open Shabbat : these evenings represent an opportunity to discover other aspects of Jewish life and better understand a part of Jewish culture. Songs, dances, text study and reflection are part of these evenings open to a new discovery, especially gustatory…

Trainings :

  • Professional trainings : After having accompanied more than 25,000 students and educational leaders in 5 years, the association realized that the training needs of professionals on the subject were very important. It was therefore decided to create a center to train, accompany and equip professionals in civic dialogue, secularism and religious facts in the respect of republican values.
  • Trainings in interreligious dialogue & managing difference : The objective of the training is to provide a cognitive and experiential framework for acquiring knowledge about religions themselves as well as how to resolve differences or conflicts related to misunderstanding the other.
  • Cycle of conferences: religions, secularism and prejudices. And if we explain…? : This series of conferences covers a wide range of topics related to the history of religions present in France, the history of secularism, discoveries of the three great monotheisms as well as Eastern spiritualities. It also includes modules on understanding prejudices and stereotypes.
  • Training in dialogue and managing differences : It is mainly intended for managers, teachers, educators, guides or trainers who have to manage groups (adults or children) or teams composed of people of different religions.

Travelling : From the cradle of the three religions to the different migrations, the groups discovers populations, places, histories, past cultures… and those still alive today.