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The Jewish Liberal Union in the Czech Republic

The Jewish Liberal Union in the Czech Republic unites citizens who profess their Jewish religion, nationality or origin. In the spirit of Jewish traditions, it ensures the religious, cultural and social life of its members and their social needs. It supports the education of its members in Jewish traditions and cares for cultural and religious monuments (synagogues, cemeteries, museums, memorials, etc.).

It actively defends the Jewish community as a whole, as well as its individual members, against all manifestations of antisemitism, racism, xenophobia, fascism, Nazism, against any discrimination and protects the memory of their victims.

The Project called “Make a Go of It” reacts to the actual needs of a group of people endangered by long term or repeated unemployment that are monitored in the frame of provided social care.

We offer a whole complex of services with focus to provide such support so that the individual in question finds and hold a job on the open employment market under equal payment conditions.

This project is focused at individuals disabled on the employment market that need long-term support on place of work so as to be able to find and hold a job.

Project is intended for:

  • Disable people
  • People of the age 50 +with history of long-term unemployment
  • Members of  ethnic minorities including persons from a different social and cultural environment, immigrants and asylum seekers

More information to be found at www.dokaztosnami.kehilaprag.cz