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Discover NOA’s newest online activities


As part of NOA’s mission to overcome antisemitism and promote a more inclusive society through education, CEJI is sharing a collection of online activities designed exclusively to contribute to this purpose. Through these, we bring users to explore Jewish culture, history and beliefs as a way to help us become more aware of our biases and combat antisemitic stereotypes. 

Understanding the IHRA definition

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism provides a clear framework for identifying and addressing antisemitism, a form of prejudice that has persisted throughout history. This online activity serves as an important tool for promoting awareness and combating discrimination against Jewish individuals and communities.

Get inspired by Jewish social activists

The Role Models activity offers an insight into the lives and work of several Jewish social activists who have dedicated their lives to promoting inclusivity, equality, and justice. As real leaders of social change, their stories are true examples and inspiration of how they fought for social justice and contributed to combating antisemitic stereotypes and biases. As we learn about and from them, we discover new ways to make a positive and inclusive contribution to our society.

Exploring the Jewish tradition through its rites and rituals

The Rites and Rituals activity invites us to a journey through customs and rites that may be part of the lifecycle events of Jewish people. Set up in the form of a quiz, this activity offers an opportunity to both explore Jewish rites as well as identify potential commonalities between each participant’s social, cultural, and/or religious identity.

Participate in these activities today and be a part of positive change!