Led by the trainers of CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe – our trainings take place in EU Member States and represent an anti-bias resource for long-term systemic and cultural change.

Workshops and trainings

We can arrange shorter workshops on specific topics or longer trainings to develop deeper understanding, skills and strategies.

Online resources

Check the online activities we have available to know more about the IHRA definition, get information about some inspiring Jewish social activists, and explore the range of rites and rituals that may be part of the life cycle events of a Jew or a Jewish family.


CEJI‘s “Overcoming Antisemitism TTT” equips educators with awareness, skills and tools to counter antisemitic biases and create inclusive environments. The training program and accompanying manual are based on the two-time award-winning project Belieforama™, focusing on educational approaches to change biased attitudes and discriminatory behaviours.


If you are interested in our Overcoming Antisemitism training, please contact stephanie.lecesne@ceji.org.