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Austrian Service Abroad

The Austrian Service Abroad is a non-profit association founded by Andreas Maislinger, Michael Prochazka and Andreas Hörtnagl. The program is rooted in the acknowledgment of responsibility of the Republic of Austria for the crimes committed by National Socialism. Its services aim at the permanence of life on earth. It provides Austrians the opportunity to work in partner institutions worldwide serving Holocaust commemoration in form of the Gedenkdienst, supporting vulnerable social groups in form of the Austrian Social Service and realizing projects of peace within the framework of the Austrian Peace Service. The program is funded by the Austrian government.

The Austrian Service Abroad is headquartered in Innsbruck and has an office in Vienna. It provides Austrians (male & female) a platform for being sent abroad for a time-period of 6 to 12 months within the legal framework of voluntary work. In addition, young male Austrians may accredit their service abroad as an alternative to the compulsory military service provided their service lasts for a time-period of at least 10 months.

In addition, it provides an educational platform for being educated in the fields of memoria(remembrance), misericordia (mercy) and pax (peace). The Austrian Service Abroad volunteers are sent to work in its many partner institutions, while being financially supported by the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs for their work abroad.