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Respect Zone

Respect Zone is a French NGO for the positive prevention of cyber violence and child protection , created by Philippe Coen in 2014. Respect Zone works for the exercise of responsible freedom of expression , for the prevention of cyber violence and the protection of young people. The association is apolitical and not community. Respect Zone offers a modern educational tool to fight racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, the glorification of terrorism, the stigma of disability and harassment.

Witnesses of cyber violence at school , two teenagers Nathan and Adrien Coen , had the idea of ​​a tool-label-shield, in the colors of social networks, symbolizing union in difference.

The digital respect label Respect Zone had its first launch at the center of the digital world during the most frequented event for video game enthusiasts: the Paris Games Week show at the Porte de Versaille in November 2014. Respect Zone was immediately supported by online opinion leaders: famous youtubers, such as Cyprien, Squeezie, Vortex, or Kyan Khojandi, author of the series Bref, and the video game profession united under the aegis of the national professional association: the Sell.