• How can we ensure that the EU Council Declaration on the Fight against Antisemitism will be implemented through a holistic set of national policies? 
  • What tools can help the governments to create that change? 
  • How can we benchmark progress over time?

The NOA project is researching and compiling National Report Cards for EU member states, to hold governments accountable to their obligations, and support them in the developing and implementing of National Action Plans as envisaged by the 2018 EU Council Declaration on the Fight against Antisemitism and reinforced by the 2020 EU Council Declaration on Mainstreaming the Fight against Antisemitism across Policy Areas.

So far, we developed the National Report Card on Belgium, on Hungary, on The Netherlands, on Austria, and on Italy.

The NOA Report Cards Library

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* Policies and standards are constantly changing and evolving, and the NOA Report Cards Methodology aspires to reflect the latest developments. Latest update: 14.12.2021