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NOA Compass is now online!


What is it?

The first online map of European initiatives overcoming antisemitism aims to identify projects and initiatives, bring them into a network, recognize complementarities, and identify gaps to be filled.

Who can apply?

No matter if you are small or big, local or international, an organization or a project– if you match the following criteria, we want you to be included:

– Combating antisemitism

– Based in an EU country

– Contributing to an inclusive and democratic Europe

– Preferably from the last 5 years or ongoing.

Why join?

By nominating an initiative or a project, you can give more international visibility to local initiatives, hopefully providing them with more opportunities to grow their work, and contributing to our collective know-how as Networks Overcoming Antisemitism!

All you need to do is to fill out the questionnaire and wait for our nomination committee to get in touch with you and/or your nominee.