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NOA Methodology: Standards, Indicators and Scoring System


The following document provides supporting material to supplement NOA National Report Cards. In particular, it provides a fuller scope of the standards and key indicators used in each area, along with their monitoring questions and relative weights, all of which informed the researchers’ assessments. This project is a first foray into establishing a new set of European benchmarking norms, and every effort has been made to respect the highest ethical standards.

The researchers endeavoured to avoid bias in the design, data analysis, data interpretation, and other aspects of this research and honestly report results based on the available evidence. While some risk of subjectivity remains in the interpretation of results, it is important to remember that the purpose of the Report Cards is to provide a snapshot of the current policy landscape in order to strengthen government measures to prevent and counter antisemitism and provide a wealth of socio-cultural educational resources that will contribute to combating antisemitism going forward.