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Empowering individuals and cultivating harmony in a diverse European society

european jewish community center

The European Jewish Community Centre (EJCC) is a vibrant hub for Jewish events, services, and resources within the European Union. Driven by a people-oriented and community-driven approach, the EJCC is committed to enriching the quality of Jewish life through educational and cultural events and to creating bridges between the EU institutions and Jewish values.

Promoting tolerance through education and understanding is a cornerstone of the EJCC’s activities. The centre offers an array of compelling conferences and learning courses on Judaism and Hebrew language, catering to both children and adults. By disseminating knowledge and facilitating cultural exchanges, the EJCC aims to contribute to a more peaceful world.

Its projects include the Dialogue and Diversity project, an initiative that aims to foster intercultural dialogue among individuals from different religious and cultural backgrounds. This educational endeavour brings together Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and non-confessional individuals to promote the understanding and acceptance of differences, thereby reducing stereotypes and prejudices and cultivating a more inclusive society.

The Dialogue and Diversity project utilises various methodologies, such as workshops, training sessions, and public events, to facilitate dialogue and promote intercultural communication. It emphasises the importance of active listening, open-mindedness, and the recognition of shared values to overcome stereotypes and promote a more inclusive society.

On another note, the EJCC also has a solidarity program called Yachad-Together. It aims to create interpersonal relationships between people from different age groups, backgrounds, and religions. Through visits, both on a weekly basis and on the holidays, volunteers and recipients get together to counteract loneliness and embrace a sense of belonging.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, they extended the program, and they created a network of homes to welcome refugees in Brussels. The aim of this program is not only to help refugees to survive but also let them thrive, by supporting them to integrate and including them into a vibrant community.

The European Jewish Community Centre, through its diverse range of initiatives, plays a crucial role in empowering individuals, fostering dialogue, and promoting harmony in the rich tapestry of Europe’s multicultural landscape.

For more information please visit https://www.ejcc.eu/

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